Listen To Police Scanner Frequencies Online

If you are looking for information on how to listen to local police radio frequencies online for free, then you’ve come to the right place. Some time back, only hobbyists with citizen’s band radios had the ability to listen in on these special frequencies used by the policies, firefighters and emergency medical technicians. Investments in scanners were often illegal and expensive.

The Best Places to Go On the Internet to Listen to Police Scanner for Free

Today, anyone with internet connection on their computer can listen to live police scanner frequencies. You do not have to set up anything. The process is also easier than pressing a button. What is more, you get listen in for free.

Why Use the Police Scanner

So, why do people tune in to these police bands? Well, first of all, you get to know what is going on down a couple of streets away from you. Additionally, you can listen to the police scanner to get the latest updates on weather forecasts. This will keep you informed about the goings on around the country.

If you have a loved one working in law enforcement, learning how to listen to police frequencies online for free will help you keep track of them. Again, journalists use this knowledge to get tips on breaking news stories.

Is it Legal?

In some states in the United State, it is illegal to listen to the police chatter. However, most of the time, ordinary citizens can tune it freely and without fear. So long as you do not intend to interfere with the telecommunications, it is normally legal to listen in on these police scanner.

However, before you proceed to download applications for your smart phone or programs for your personal computer, you need to check whether you are within your legal limits. Make sure you are clear and free before you learn about the best places to go to on the internet to listen to police scanners for free.

Using the Online Services

By searching on Google, you will get several links to police scanners.


For instance, will allow you to browse through live feeds from police stations across the United States of America. This website is dedicated to aggregating police scanner feeds from across all 50 states- including Alaska. is easy to use, and extremely so. For instance, you can apply the filter function to narrow down your search by zip code, city and state. All you need to do is go to the website, click on the helpful map interface and look for your area. It will automatically start narrow down your search to the county, city and state you are in. Sometimes, this happens in a couple of seconds.

However, not every county broadcasts it’s police scanner. Additionally, this service only works if you are in the United States. If you cannot use the search function on, you should try and radio.


This is primarily a radio station. You can use the streaming service to locate music from around the world. The stream and search functionality can also be used to check for frequencies from police scanners. Combine this with the handy search engine function and you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for in an instant.

Using Police Scanner Apps (iPad, iPhone)

Apart from learning how to listen to police frequencies online for free, you can also use free apps for Android phones, the iPad, the iPhone and Blackberry. These apps can also give you access to the police frequencies online for free. These apps are frequently updated, free and highly rated:

For Apple, use the Police Scanner Radio. You can also use the Pro or Lite Version on the 5-0 Police Scanner. For your android smart phone, consider using the Police Scanner Free app and the MyScanner- Police Scanner Radio.

With your computer and access to the internet, you can take up your role as a concerned citizen to find out what is going out there. By learning how to listen to police frequencies online for free, you will get up to date and current information as it happens. You will also find out about accident reports early in advance so that you lend a hand or avoid those areas.

For easier access to information from the police, learn how to listen to police frequencies online for free and see whether there are criminal activities happening nearby.

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